Lab 1 - Moles, Mass, and Volume

In part a you will time yourself counting popcorn

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Unformatted text preview: ns for this lab. This experiment has three parts. In Part A, you will time yourself counting popcorn kernels and figure out how many years it would take to count a mole of kernels. In Part B, you will measure the mass of a dozen popcorn kernels and a dozen marbles. You will relate these masses to the masses of individual items, and to each other. In Part C, you will measure the volume of a mole of water molecules and the volume of a dozen marbles. Then you will calculate the volumes of an individual molecule and a single marble. Equipment 1 150 mL beaker 1 50 mL graduated cylinder 1 100 mL graduated cylinder 1 timer, good to 1 second ~50 uncooked popcorn kernels 12 marbles 1 deionized water squirt bottle Reagents deionized water Safety None of the materials being used in this experiment present a safety hazard. However, the work is being done in a laboratory and the usual rules about eye protection and proper clothing apply. www.webassig encheml1/lab_1/manual.html 3/5 4/15/13 Lab 1 - M oles, M ass, and Volume Waste Disposal Popcorn and marbles should go back to...
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