Lab 4 - Solubility Rules

You will be mixing ions in the well plate the

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Unformatted text preview: igating Trends in Solubility 1 Obtain an 8 × 12 plastic well plate. You will be mixing ions in the well plate. The combinations of ions are listed in the grid in Table A. 2 In order to keep track of what you are doing, put your solutions into the well plate in the same order they are listed in Table A. 3 Add t hree drops of each solution listed to the well. (More is not better!) Be careful to drop the solution into the well without touching the grid or any solution that is already in the well. If the dropper touches another solution, the reagent in the dropper bottle will become contaminated. Place your cations (nitrate solutions) in columns. Place your anions (sodium solutions) in rows. 4 Record your observations in Table A. If a precipitate forms, put a Y in the space that corresponds to the two solutions that were mixed. If no reaction occurs (no precipitate forms), put an N in the appropriate space in the table. If you cannot see a result clearly in the well plate, repeat the experiment in a small clean test tube. 5 Mak...
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