Lab 6 - Molecular Geometry

However our predictions are simply approximations

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Unformatted text preview: EPR or hybridization. However, our predictions are simply approximations because other factors influence the structure of real molecules. In this lab, you will compare the bond angles and bond lengths predicted from theory to the experimentally determined values. You will then be asked to explain differences that occur between the experimental values and the theoretical values. Equipment 1 Chem- Tutor model kit 1 computer with Internet browser 1 Molecular Geometry In- Lab assignment in WebAssign About the Model Kit The Chem- Tutor model kit was designed by Professor Samuel G. Levine for use by his organic chemistry students at North Carolina State University. Atoms : Atoms are represented by jacks that have one, two, three or four pegs coming out. Each peg represents an electron region (or electron group). The electron regions (groups) can be single bonds, double bonds, triple bonds or lone pairs. In general, black jacks are used for carbon, blue for nitrogen, red for oxygen, white for hydrogen and...
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