Lab 6 - Molecular Geometry

More important than color is the number of pegs the

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Unformatted text preview: yellow for sulfur. More important than color is the number of pegs. The type of atom/jack to us e is de te rmine d by the Le wis s tructure of the mole cule . Bonds : Green bonds can be used for single, double or triple bonds. Do not bend the green bonds to force a molecule into a particular shape. Although you are strong enough to bend these bonds, it takes energy for atoms and molecules to bend away from the predicted angles and shapes. The molecules prefer to exist in the lowest energy configurations ("straight" green bonds). Black bonds between two carbon atoms can be used for carboncarbon double bonds. You will notice that the pegs on each carbon define a plane, and that the two carbons are coplanar. The atoms at the ends of the bond are fixe d in place . DO NOT attempt to twist this bond. White bonds are made out of rubberized plastic, and are the only ones that are meant to bend. They are only used for special "strained" structures that you should not encounter in this lab. About the Computer Modeling Software The molecules in your WebAssign In- Lab are vi...
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