Lab 6 - Molecular Geometry

The measurement will be displayed in degrees to make

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Unformatted text preview: le. And last, double click on the third atom in the angle. The measurement will be displayed in degrees. To make the measurement disappear, re- measure the angle in the same way. www.webassig encheml1/lab_6/manual.html 5/8 4/15/13 Lab 6 - M olecular Geometr y Reagents No chemicals will be used in this experiment. Safety None of the materials being used in this experiment present a safety hazard. However, the work is being done in a laboratory and the usual rules about eye protection and proper clothing apply. Waste Disposal Since no chemicals are being used in this experiment, there will not be any waste for disposal. Lab Procedure You will notice the format of this lab experiment is different than other experiments. You will build a series of models and investigate them on the computer. Questions to help you with your observations are intermingled with the procedure. Please answer the questions in your lab manual along with any other observations you make while you are...
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