Lab 6 - Molecular Geometry

This leads to a predictable shape based on simple

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Unformatted text preview: apart as possible. This leads to a predictable shape based on simple geometry. For the purposes of the VSEPR theory, it is more helpful to think about electron groups (rather than just electron pairs) and the regions the groups occupy in space. A lone pair or bonding pair are each considered to be an electron group. However, the four electrons in a double bond or the six electrons in a triple bond are also considered to be one electron group. In each case they occupy one region where they are bonding two atoms together. The position of the electron groups determines the angles at which centers of those electron regions are located. As a result, the angle between atoms that may be at the ends of those electron groups is also determined. These angles for covalent compounds that obey the octet rule are shown in the table below. The values in the table give the angles between the centers of the electron regions. If these are bonding groups (single, double or triple bonds), this number also i...
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