Lab 6 - Molecular Geometry

Where two atoms surround a central atom the shape

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Unformatted text preview: onal planar or pyramidal. Where two atoms surround a central atom, the shape would either be line ar or be nt. It is difficult to represent three- dimensional structures, like molecules, on a flat piece of paper. It is equally as difficult to look at a molecular structure drawn on a piece of paper and imagine what it would look like in three- dimensions. With the help of a molecular model kit and a computer modeling program, you will be able to visualize a molecule in three- dimensions. In this lab, you will use a computer program within WebAssign that allows molecules to be rotated, just like you could manually rotate a model built with a model kit. You will also be able to use the computer program to obtain experimentally determined measurements, such as bond www.webassig encheml1/lab_6/manual.html 4/8 4/15/13 Lab 6 - M olecular Geometr y angles and bond lengths, for the molecule under investigation. In introductory chemistry courses, we often predict bond angles and bond lengths in simple molecules based on VS...
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