Lab 9 - Equilibrium and Le Châtelier's Principle

Record your observations in table b as well

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Unformatted text preview: ge occurs, as you did before. Record your observations in Table B as "Well www.webassig encheml1/lab_9/manual.html 4/5 4/15/13 Lab 9 - Eq uilibr ium and Le Châtelier ' s Pr inciple 2A". The result will be similar to that in Step 2, but note it anyway. Next, add 3 drops of 1.0 M AgNO3 dropwise, with mixing, to the same well. Record your observations in Table B as "Well 2B". 4 Place about 15 mL of the pink cobalt solution in a 30 mL beaker. Under the hood, add 12 M HCl until the solution is purple in color. Put half of the solution in a second 30 mL beaker. Warm one of the beakers on a hot plate, and cool the second beaker in an ice bath. Record any color changes that you observe in Table B. 5 After answering the questions below, rinse the contents of the well plate and the two beakers into your waste beaker with a minimum amount of deionized water. Empty your waste beaker into the waste container provided on the side shelf, rinsing with a minimum amount of deionized water. Clean and dry all your equipment and re...
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