Lab 11 - Acid-Base Studies

They have electrodes with a thin glass bulb at the

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Unformatted text preview: H meters. They have electrodes with a thin glass bulb at the tip. The y bre ak e as ily and are cos tly to re place . Be careful not to shove the electrode into the bottom of a test tube or drop the electrode. There is a protective guard around the tip, which should remain in place at all times. The guard will not protect against careless treatment. Please use extreme care when using this equipment. When the pH electrode is not in use, it should be capped with the pH 7 buffer solution. Part A: pH Meas urements of Some Common Acid and Bas e Solutions 1 Number seven test tubes 1 - 7. 2 Fill each test tube ~ 1/4 - 1/2 full with solutions 1 - 7 listed in Table A. 3 Use a pH meter to measure the pH of each solution and record them in Table A. Rins e the pH me te r thoroughly with de ionize d wate r be twe e n e ach me as ure me nt. 4 Discard the solutions and rinse each of the test tubes. www.webassig encheml1/lab_11/manual.html 4/5 4/15/13 Lab 11 - Acid- Base Studies Part B: Acidity and Bas icity of Some Hous ehold Chemicals 1 Place ten small strips of pH paper on the plastic work surface provided. 2 Put one or two drops of each of the solutions listed in Table B on a separate piece of paper. Because ammonia vapors will react with the pH paper, add ammonia (NH3 ) las t! The bleach will oxidize the pH paper quickly; be sure to observe the initial color change of the pH paper. 3 Observe and record your results in Table B. Part C: Acid-Bas e Reactions 1 Measure 10.0 mL of 0.10 M HCl in a 10 mL graduated cylinder and place in a clean 30 mL beaker. 2 Use a pH meter to measure the pH. Record this value in Table C as 0.0 mL NaOH. 3 Rinse the graduated cylinder used in Step 1 thoroughly and d...
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