Lab 12 - Measuring Enthalpy Changes

1 m hc2h3o2 in a graduated cylinder and add it to the

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Unformatted text preview: able C. 6 www.webassig encheml1/lab_12/manual.html 5/7 4/15/13 Lab 12 - M easur ing Enthalpy Chang es Measure 3 mL of 0.1 M HC2H3O2 in a graduated cylinder and add it to the fourth test tube. Record the maximum or minimum temperature reached and any change in appearance in Table C. 7 Calculate the ΔT for each reaction and record them in Table C. 8 When finished, dispose of your solution as directed by your instructor, rinse the beaker with deionized water and dry. Part D: Enthalpy and Phas e Changes 1 Place a magnetic stir bar in a 100 mL beaker. Fill the beaker to the 60 mL mark with crushed ice and add tap water to the 60 mL mark. 2 Clamp your thermometer in the ring stand with a hot plate/stirrer on the base. 3 Place the beaker on the hot plate/stirrer and lower the thermometer into the ice slurry. The tip of the thermometer should be about a third of the way down in the slurry. 4 Start the stirrer; set the dial to about 6 for gentle stirring. 5 Read the temperature every 30 seconds for 3 minutes and record it in Table D. 6 Turn the hot plate to 100 and continue reading the temperature every 30 seconds. 7 After four more readings, turn the hotplate to 200. 8 Note the time when all the ice has melted in Table D and turn the heater to 400. Continue reading the temperature every 30 seconds. 9 As the water heats, record when you observe bubbles, steam, and true boiling in Table D. 10 Once boiling begins, read the temperature every 30 seconds for three minutes. 11 Plot your data points on a graph in your lab worksheet. Make sure to give your graph a title. Label the axes with the quantities being plotted and the units in which they are measured. 12 When you have completed your measurements, wash and dry all your equipment and return it neatly to the set- up area where you found it. Make sure the hot plate is turned off before you leave the lab. 13 Before leaving, go to a computer in the laboratory and enter your results in the In- Lab assignment. If all results are scored as correct, log out. If not all results are correct, try to find the error or consult with your lab instructor. When all results are correct, note them and log out of WebAssign. The In- Lab assignment must be completed by the end of the lab period. If additional time is required, please consult with your lab www.webassig encheml1/lab_12/manual.html 6/7 4/15/13 Lab 12 - M easur ing Enthalpy Chang es instructor. Copyright © 2011 Advanced Instructional Systems, Inc. and North Carolina State University | Credits www.webassig encheml1/lab_12/manual.html 7/7...
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