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00 cm tsinceulley plank cannot change its length we

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Unformatted text preview: and fangle constant k, is s orce when the changes fNow that we have the equilibriumasses overwescan find the torques harmonicplank makes an rom horizontal to vertical as it p position, a olid simple motion, the period of its motion is pulley of θ iameter 4.00 cm. TSinceulley plank cannot change its length (we assume), the amount that the d with the vertical. he p the is free to turn on a spring stretches should section of the string supfixed smooth axle. The vertical correspond to the arc length that the tip of the plank moves through, Lθ, M (m s/3) 2 ports a 200-g object. The string does not slip at its contact k with the pulley. Find the frequency of oscillation of the object if the mass of the pulley is (a) negligible, (b) 250 g, A two-part experiment is conducted with the u and (c) 750 g. blocks of various masses suspended vertically fro √ if the angle is relatively small.ii The spring is therefore displaced by an amount Lθ − xo from its unstretched length. This gives us the spring’s restoring force. Since the spring is...
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