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Homework 11 Solution

00 kg and the springdisplaced rby cosmall tangle from

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Unformatted text preview: ional to th y g e the p angular frsupported by a 3k/m. (of)forceuconstant rk. uency if equency √ spring b Eval ate the f eq The moment of tinertia xoffrtomplank fixmdnend; itshat os, v (x/ )v. ance the e i x 1 the mass Is= .00 kg .and the springdisplaced rby cosmall tangle θ from horizontal equilibrium and released. i 5 3 mL2 The plank is has a fo ce a nstan of note that the mass of a segment of the 100 N/m.Find the angular frequency ω of simple harmonic motion. (Hint: consider the torques about the is dm (m/ )dx. Find (a) the kinetic energy o pivot point.) system when the block has a speed v and (b) the p of oscillation. Pivot v θ dx k x M Figure P15.61 Figure P15.66 Solution: The presence of a pivot point – even labeled as such – immediately suggests the use of torque to solve this problem. First, we need to find the compression of the spring at equilibrium, 62. Review problem. A particle of mass 4.00 kg is attached to 67. A ball of mass m is connected to two rubber ba i.e., a spring with ...
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