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Show that the buoy will execute simple harmonic

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Unformatted text preview: ats upright in calm sea water, having density . A passing shark tugs on the slack rope mooring the buoy to a lobster trap, pulling the buoy down a distance x from its equilibrium position and releasing it. Show that the buoy will execute simple harmonic motion if the resistive effects of the (14) with a force constant of 50.0 N/m. At time t 0 the pension, but you can model it as a single spring supp particle has its maximum speed of 20.0 m/s and is moving a block. You can estimate the force constant by th to the left. (a) Determine the particle’s equation of about how far the spring compresses when a big bik motion, specifying its position as a function of time. down on the seat. A motorcyclist traveling at hi (b) Where in the motion is the potential energy three speed must be particularly careful of washboard b times the kinetic energy? (c) Find the length of a simple that are a certain distance apart. What is the order o pendulum his is the same period.as d) Find twouldinimum a single spring, except the spring constant has T with exactly the same ( what we he m find for nitude of th...
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