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Homework 11 Solution

On a horizontal fcompressed sby face with an

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Unformatted text preview: = 0. Since the plank has non-zero scillating without an angular displacement the spring a force constant of 100 N/m. It is o mass, even length L, each under tension T, as in Figure P15.6 must be rictionless ur some amount at equilibrium. on a horizontal fcompressed sby face with an amplitude of Once we have found the equilibrium position, ball is displaced by a small distance y perpendicular 2.00 m. Awe.00-kg object is dropped vertically oa small fangular displacement θ is applied. 6 can worry about the torques when n top o the length of the rubber bands. Assuming that the t 4.00-kg object as it passes through its equilibrium point. does not change, show that (a) the restoring The two objects stick togetherrotationshow much asoes the and let the equilibrium position of the spring Let counterclockwise . (a) By be defined d positive, is (2T/L)y and (b) the system exhibits simple har amplitude of the vibrating system change as a result of the correspond to the tip of the plank being at vertical position xo relative an its unstretched length. √2T/mL . motion with to angular...
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