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Plank acting about its center of mass and the

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Unformatted text preview: frequency collision? (b) By how much does the period change? The sum oes the energy change? pivot point for (c) By how much dof the torques about the(d) Account at equilibrium (θ = 0) is given by considering the weight of the the change in energy. plank acting about its center of mass and the restoring force of the spring. The plank y 63. A simple may be treated as length of 2.23 m and a L/ass of the pivot point, while the spring force acts at pendulum with a a point mass a distance m 2 from 6.74 kg isagdistance initial equilibrium, the net at its equilib-be zero. iven an L. At speed of 2.06 m/s torque must L L rium position. Assume it undergoes simple harmonic motion, and determine img a)L eriod, (L = otal energy, and (16) τ = − ts ( p + kxo b) t 0 Figure P15.67 2 (c) maximum angular displacement. mg (17) 64. Review problem. xone end of a light spring with force conO= 2k stant 100 N/m is attached to a vertical wall. A light string is 68. When a block of mass M, connected to the en tied to the other end of the horizontal spring. The string spring of mass ms 7.40 g...
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