Exam1Review - 1. Explain euhemerization and reverse...

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Explain euhemerization and reverse euhemerization. Euhemerization-the gods were originally humans. They were respected by other and recognized as gods like in Greek Mythology. (example-Guan Yu) Reverse Euhemerization-like in Chinese Mythology, Gods were later known as humans. (example- Yellow Emperor) 2. Describe the concepts of Yin and Yang and how they operate. The concept of Yin and Yang-Even and Odd, Sun and Moon, Man and Woman, Black and White. They are complement each other and they cannot exist without each other, therefore, they always restart each other. 3. What are the “Five Elements”? Wood -Dragon, Green, Spring, East, Jupiter,Tai Hao (Fu Xi)-cut wood, weave nets for hunting/fishing/music invented 8trigrams Fire -Bird, Red, Summer, South, Mars, Fiery Emperor (Yan Di), Shen Nong-agriculture, devine peasant Eart h -Dragon, Yellow, Late Summer, Center, Saturn, Yellow Emperor (Huand Di) Metal -Tiger, White, Fall, West, Venus, Shao Hao (Metal Emperor)-son of morning star and weaver Water -Tortoise, Black, Winter, North, Mercury, Zhuan Xu (Black Emperor)-fight with Gong Gong who bumps into Mt Buzhou, destroyed the ladder linking the heaven and the earth 4. Explain the two principal creation myths associated with Pan Gu. 1). Pan Gu was born from an egg and after he was born, the egg broken and the Yang (clear part became heaven) and the Ying (the solid part became earth) are created. 2). After Pan Gu was born, he was about to die and his body parts and organs transformed into the part of the world. Breath-winds and clods Voice-thunder Left eye-sun, Right eye-moon Four limbs and five extremities-four direction and five mountains His blood and semen-rivers Muscles and veins-the strata for the earth Fresh –soil Hair-stars Body-flowers and trees Teeth and bones-stone and metal
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Exam1Review - 1. Explain euhemerization and reverse...

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