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various notes - Representation excludes slaves making every...

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Framers of the Constitution - George Washington residing officer - 73 men selected and 55attended - Average age = 21 - James Madison = Central Figure - Delegates agreed on: o Social Contract – government derived its powers from consent of the people o Minority & Majority - society must be protected from tyranny o o Power is essential & is also corrupting but the corruption is necessary - First argument over Constitution * Over representation *Madison argues representation in each state should be proportional *Fixed issue of too much power being with the people by allowing Congress to declare war AND make peace -Three types of power articulated in the Constitution: 1. Enumerated – outlined in Constitution 2. Reserved – maintained by the state governments 3. Implied - powers believed necessary for proper government function, but not articulated - They were NOT seeking to create a democracy but rather a Republic based upon representation -Article 1, Section 2:
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Unformatted text preview: Representation excludes slaves, making every 5 slaves counting for only 3 people under the proportional representation figure. Biggest failure of Framers was NOT mentioning blacks, women, and Indians more-Federalist Papers-support Ratification- Va objects ratification bc NO Bill of Rights… Madison argues that by having a Bill of Rights you would be giving up those rights that you don’t write down-Federalists v. Democratic Republicans 1. Fed philosophy: supports strong central government and that people are motivated by malice. That the principle work of government is to neutralize the vollies of men. Democracy represents EVERYTHING Fed’s opposed to…seen as too chaotic. 2. Dem Rep philosophy: strong interest in agriculture and support of the Yemen farmer. There should be equilibrium in the establishment of the state and local governments. We must sustain ourselves through our own labor...
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various notes - Representation excludes slaves making every...

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