Find the expression for the frequency the bat hears

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Unformatted text preview: ito and returns to the bat. Find the expression for the frequency the bat hears the reflected pulse. S4 [10 points]: In Young’s double-slit experiment, suppose the separation between the two slits is d=0.300 mm. If a beam of 500-nm light strikes the slits and produces an interference pattern. How many maxima will there be in the angular range −45.0°< < 45°? S5 [10 points]: A rocket of mass 1.40 105 kg has a relativistic momentum the magnitude of which is 3.15 1013 kg m/s. How fast as the rocket traveling? Page 5 of 7 UIC PHYSICS 105 Spring 2012 Practice Exam 3 LONG PROBLEM (20 points) You must show your work and write your answers clearly and legibly. Partial credit may be given. All numerical answers must include the correct units. You do not need to follow significant figure rules in expressing your answers. Three experiments, “A”, “B” and “C” are carried out separately using an apparatus that consists of a diffraction grating, a single slit and a double slit (not necessarily in that order). Three differe...
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