Mc9 you are in a spaceship with no windows radios or

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Unformatted text preview: cted for sure. MC9: You are in a spaceship with no windows, radios or other means to view outside. How would you determine if the spaceship is at rest or moving at constant velocity? (A) By determining the apparent velocity of light in the spaceship. (B) By checking your precision watch. If it’s running slow, then the ship is moving. (C) By measuring the lengths of objects in the spaceship. If they are shorter, then the ship is moving. (D) You should give up because you’ve taken on an impossible task. MC10: A spear is thrown at a very high speed. As it passes, you measure its length at one-half its normal length. From this measurement, you conclude that the relativistic mass of the moving spear must be: (A) Equal to its rest mass (B) One-half its rest mass (C) One-quarter its rest mass (D) Twice its rest mass Page 3 of 7 UIC PHYSICS105 Spring 2012 Practice Exam 3 SHORT PROBLEMS (10 points each) You must show your work and write your answers clearly and legibly. Partial credit may be given. All numerical answers must inc...
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