The speed v4m of the larger piece immediately after

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Unformatted text preview: the Earth. The speed v4m of the larger piece immediately after explosion is: (A) v4m = (1/4)v0 (B) v4m = v0 (C) v4m = (5/4)v0 (D) v4m = 5v0. MC3: A mass m = 450 g oscillates from a vertically hanging light spring with a period of 0.55 s. It started by being compressed 10 cm from the equilibrium position (where y = 0) and released. How long will it take to get to the equilibrium position for the first time? (A) 0.14 s (B) About 0.28 s (one-half period) (C) 0.55 s (D) The mass will never reach equilibrium. MC4: A damped harmonic oscillator involves a block of mass m = 2 kg, a spring with k = 10 N/m, and a damping force with damping constant b = 0.1 kg/s. Initially it oscillates with amplitude of 20 cm. After four complete cycles the amplitude falls to: (A) 5 cm (B) 10 cm (C) 12.5 cm (D) 15 cm MC5: A boat is moored in a fixed location, and waves make it move up and down. If the spacing between wave crests is 20 m and the speed of the waves is 5 m/s, how long does it take the boat to go from the top of a crest to the bottom of...
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