You do not need to follow significant figure rules in

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Unformatted text preview: lude the correct units. You do not need to follow significant figure rules in expressing your answers. S1 [10 points]: Neutron stars are extremely dense objects that are formed from the remnants of supernova explosions. Many rotate very rapidly. Suppose that the mass of a certain spherical neutron star is twice the mass of the Sun and its radius is 10.0 km. Determine the greatest possible angular speed it can have so that the matter at the surface of the star on its equator is just held in orbit by the gravitational force. S2 [10 points]: A mass m is connected to two springs with equal spring constants k as shown in Figure below. The mass is pulled a distance a to the right and begins to oscillate. What is the period of oscillations? Page 4 of 7 UIC PHYSICS 105 Spring 2012 Practice Exam 3 S3 [10 points]: A bat is moving to the right with a speed and a mosquito is moving to the left with a speed (and directly toward the bat). The bat emits a pulse of frequency that bounces off the mosqu...
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