To enroll myrmecology study of ants mendaciloquent

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Unformatted text preview: matriculate= to enroll myrmecology= study of ants mendaciloquent= speaking lies misogynist= women hater macrotous= having big ears maenadic= frenzied women mizzle= drizzle molycoddle= protectively muggle= no particular skill mundane= dull machinule= an instrument used to find right angles morose= gloomy murra= stone which vases were made of (Rome) menage a trois= 3 lovers myopic= near sighted mellifluous= smooth and sweet mesonoxian= midnight moiety= half mittle= mutilate mithridatize= immune to poison mimetic= mimic minatory= menacing murken= moldy murmuration= murmuring myrmidon= follows orders without question mundungus= smelly tobacco mung= pea muggletonian= extinct religious sect murcous= without thumb mofussil= rural region of india mneme= memory mnemosyne= goddess of memeory molendinaceous= fruits/seeds with winglike extensions mentalese= language of thought metanoia= change of heart/ mind menseful= polite mentagra= sycosis maritodespotism= mell= mix...
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