Essay 2 The field

I did not get a gold medal but i did get good snacks

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Unformatted text preview: I did not get a gold medal, but I did get good snacks afterward. As the snacks got smaller, and defenders bigger, so did the field, it no longer looked big, it looked ginormous. We were no longer a recreation team, but a club team. We stepped out on the field for our first game, and the scenery,and feelings were similar, and yet new. Parents were now sitting in bleachers, the referees were older , and the goals could no longer be used as monkey bars. The same jitters filled my stomach, when the whistle blew and the first pass was made. The ball rolled right to my feet, and I looked up and saw the same field, same goal, and took the first my first touch as an elite soccer player. Allen2 Four games in a span of two days, takes a tole on the body. By the fourth game it took all I had to push through the fatigue and make my legs run up and down the field....
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