Death if not treated acceleratedmalignanthypertension

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Unformatted text preview: section Splitting media layer aorta Target Organ Damage Acute TOD: Acute TOD Hypertensive Emergencies Bleeding eyes, loss blood in urine, >200/120, swelling death if not treated Accelerated / Malignant Hypertension Hypertensive Encephalopathy Alteration mental state Hypertensive Intra­cerebral Hemorrhage Acute Left Ventricular Failure Acute Aortic dissection Severe chest pain, widen mediastinum, CT scan Severe shortness of breath fr backup of blood in lungs, break wall of aorta Brain: Stroke & TIA Brain Hypertension ⇒ accelerated atherosclerosis TIA – temporary (<24hrs) occlusion of cerebral blood vessel Ischemic Stroke – occlusion of cerebral blood vessel ⇒ long term loss of function or infarction on neuro ­imaging Ischaemic/ haemorrhagic stroke - >24hrs / scan brain w infarction ischaemic stroke (no longer TIA) Hypertensive Intra­cerebral hemorrhage due to spontaneous rupture of small penetrating arteries deep in the brain Sites: basal ganglia (putamen, thalamus), cerebellum, pons Ichaemic – dark + swelling Haemorrhagic – white on CT scan Eyes: Hypertensive Retinopathy Eyes Arteriolar narrowing Retinal Hemorrhages Exudates Papilledema Swelling of optic disc Blind spots Retinal lesions often scotomata, blurred vision & even blindness Leaking of BV Soft exudates Fr blockage of BV Fr Heart: Left Ventricular Heart Hypertrophy Most common cardiac abnormality in hypertension Seen in 5 -10% of pts on...
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