Penis crus of penis corpora cavernosa corpus

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Unformatted text preview: SUM SPHINCTER URETHRAE MUSCLE CORPUS SPONGIOSUM BULBOSPONGIOUSUS MUSCLE SEPTUM OF SCROTUM BULBOURETHRAL GLAND Internal Urethral Sphincter Prostate Gland Prosthe7c Urethra Bulbo ­Urethral (Cowpers) Gland External Urethral Sphincter Bulb of the Penis Crus of penis Corpora Cavernosa Corpus Spongiosum Round Ligament Uterus Sigmoid Colon Descending Colon •  Bladder •  Broad Ligament •  •  Ovary •  •  Recto ­Uterine pouch (SPACE between rectum and Uterus) Utero ­sacral Ligament Ascending Colon PROSTATE AND SEMINAL VESICLES POSTERIOR VIEW Urinary bladder ureter Ductus deferens Ampulla of ductus deferens Seminal vesicle Beginning of ejaculatory duct Ischiopubic ramus Base of prostate Apex of prostate Deep transverse perineal muscle and fascia Bulbourethral (cowper’s) glands TESTIS, EPIDIDYMIS & DUCTUS DEFERENS FRONT...
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