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Unformatted text preview: -Tell some1 a lie often and they will believe it – good ex=2hs-create policy banning T products will help end “Major Epidemic of 20 th C” – Richard Doll of the Journal of Royal Statistics Society-Being student @ TAMU get stuck behind smokers – annoying & offensive- Present truths of 2HS effects & how real a prob it is & outline policy banning T products on camp-**Leading cause of preventable death= smoking T …beats alcohol abuse, car wrecks and shootings Center 4 T Control Research & Education-as mentioned, smoking AKA plague/epidemic of 20 th C & become deadly habit part of culture-**according Americans 4 Nonsmokers’ Rights ~ 4 mil die/year b/c of smoking in world 490,000 = Americans For every 5 deaths among Americans, 1 b/c of smoking 53,800 b/c of 2HS-estim. 22 mil kids 3-11 & 18 mil 12-19 exposed 2 2HS in US alone in 2000 American Lung Assoc-**kids most affected b/c still developing & exposure 2 the 599 ingredients and 295 known poisons in the smoke = dangers of severe respiratory disease, stunt lung growth – causes increased risk of decreased lung function-...
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