Empirical applications slides pg 180195 intraindustry

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Unformatted text preview: Equilibrium with trade – short and long run (see also the notes) • Gains from Trade 3. Empirical Applications (slides + pg. 180 ­195) • Intra ­Industry Trade • Gravity Equation 4. Imperfect competition with homogenous goods: Dumping (pg. 296 ­298) • Product Dumping • Numerical example Chapter 8: Import Tariffs and Quotas under Perfect Competition 1. WTO Principles (pg. 239 ­240) 2. Gains from Trade (pg. 240 ­246) a. Country welfare using Consumer and Producer Surpluses b. Welfare under no trade and free trade 3. Import Tariffs a. Small country case (pg. 246 ­251) b. Large country case (pg. 256 ­260) c. Optimal Tariff (pg. 260 ­262)...
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