3 the demographic transition actual and projected

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Unformatted text preview: to get a job, possibility of divorce. These are social, legal, poli3cal, and economic problems. Whose Choice? ì༎  Ashraf and Field ì༎  This study gave women access to free and immediate contracep3on. ì༎  Some of the women were given the op3on in private, while others had their husbands were present. ì༎  Women who received the informa3on in private were 23% more likely to visit a family planning nurse and 38% more likely to ask for a concealable form of contracep3on. ì༎  Social Norms ì༎  Women may feel pressure to bear more children because of pressure from husbands, mother- in- laws, and friends. Children as Financial Instruments ì༎  There is very liYle, if any, social security in developing na3ons. Children can be used as a savings device. The more children that you have the more likely someone will be able to take care of you when you are old. ì༎  In China, wi...
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