From this it follows the more people the smaller

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Unformatted text preview: smaller piece per person. In the end he predicted that the popula3on and incomes would remain the level they were when he was wri3ng. Malthus lived during the 1700’s ì༎  In the 1960’s Paul Ehrlich wrote “The Popula3on Bomb,” which described any number of calami3es that were about to beset humanity because of the large popula3on. Fortunately he was incorrect. While in the 1960’s there a famine once per decade in 1 out of 10 countries, by the 1990’s the ra3o become 1 out of 200. ì༎  These theories neglect the possibility of technological growth. Does it Affect Growth? ì༎  Economists extensively study this ques3on and their view is generally non- alarmist. ì༎  There is no evidence that suggests that popula3on growth effects per capita economic growth one way or another. ì༎  The real...
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