High popula3on growth has a s3gma ayached to it

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Unformatted text preview: onal persons may have an adverse impact on the environment. Children Are Expensive ì༎  Most of the popula3on growth occurs in the developing world, but if these people were already poor would it not make sense to have fewer children to increase the family’s standard of living. While an addi3onal child may have some future produc3vity their ini3al produc3vity while be zero, therefore they do in the short run lower everyone’s standard of living within a family. What is Wrong With Large Families? ì༎  High popula3on growth has a s3gma aYached to it because rich countries tend to have lower popula3on growth. This leads people to believe that high popula3on growth is bad for economic growth. ì༎  It could be that poorer families have more children because they are poor rather than the converse...
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