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Unformatted text preview: r pregnancy rates is that if the girls were too poor to purchase their own uniforms, they would be forced to drop out of school. In this case, star3ng a family is an aYrac3ve op3on. ì༎  Teenage pregnancy rates fell from 14% to 11%. Duflo, Dupas, and Kremer Study ì༎  Results ì༎  This study indicates that girls know that unprotected sex leads to pregnancy, but an inability to aYend school may make it the best op3on. Whose Choice is it? ì༎  Who is making the fer3lity decision? Not surprisingly the preferences for family size differ between men and women (men desire more children). Men also have a lower demand for contracep3on. ì༎  How much say do women have in the contracep3ve decision? It depends on her educa3onal level, ability...
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