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Oben abs3nence is the only method that is taught oben

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Unformatted text preview: poor families. ì༎  This issue with this view can be answered in two parts ì༎  Condoms are not expensive. In developing countries they are available for less than 50 cents. ì༎  Availability cannot be an issue. If Coke can provide an ice- cold soda in the most rural areas of Africa, why can’t condom companies do the same for contracep3ves. ì༎  In fact, empirical evidence suggests that the desired fer3lity of poor individuals does not differ greatly from actual fer3lity. Do the Poor Control Their Fertility Decision? ì༎ Sex, School Uniforms, and Sugar Daddies ì༎  It is important to note that despite the fact there does not appear to be a problem with the access to contracep3ves; it can s3ll improve teen pregnancy. In many developing countries teenagers cannot...
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