Or in other words the individual is useless but this

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Unformatted text preview: issue is that popula3on growth can at best only explain 25% of the varia3on in economic growth rates. Externalities ì༎  Much of the literature on popula3on problems implicitly assumes that an addi3onal individual results in zero addi3onal produc3vity. Or in other words, the individual is useless. ì༎  But this cannot be the case, the addi3onal individual most likely adds to the produc3ve capabili3es of the society. For instance the larger the popula3on, the more likely that there is another Einstein, Gates, or Babbage. ì༎  But externali3es are not always good. For instance, some things are finite. As noted before, many people do not have access to clean water. One more person my put a strain on an already limited supply of clean water. Also, addi3...
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