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This issue with this view can be answered in two parts

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Unformatted text preview: ì༎  There is much specula3on that children born into large families are less likely to receive educa3on, nutri3on, and healthcare. There is sta3s3cal evidence that suggests this may be true. But we cannot conclude that because they are poor and have more siblings they are less educated. ì༎  Many studies using data from twins do not find it to be the case the more siblings result in lower human capital outcomes. Demand For Contraceptives ì༎  Is it a problem of access to contracep3ves? ì༎  Could it be that contracep3ves are (a) too expensive or (b) not available? Demand For Contraceptives ì༎  Many individuals in the aid industry take the view that the solu3on to the popula3on problem is that condoms (or other fer3lity op3ons) need to be provided to...
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