review - Chinese Myth and Legend Review Euhumerization vs...

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Chinese Myth and Legend Review Euhumerization vs. Reverse euhemerization -the process of a person over time recognize as a god. -god over time become as historical people. (Yellow emperor) Received text Text which contains the events and plots that keeps undated, print and reprint, copy and recopies until the date. Yellow emperor an example of reverse euhemerization Because he was originally a god, over time process, human recognized him as a historical person. The five elements: Wood- east, green, dragon, associated with Tai Hao(Fu xi)-they invent 8 trigram Fire- south, red, bird, (Yan Di) Earth- center, yellow, dragon, (yellow emperor) Metal- west, tiger, (Shao Hao) Water- north, black, snake, (Zhuan Xu) Two principal meaning of Di - god, emperor 2 creation myths associated with Nu Wa -she created human using clay, molding out of mud -produced human beings by mating with her brother Fu Xi Myth of Pan Gu -born from an egg and after he was born, the egg broken and the heaven and earth are created. -his body forms the world after he died. Concept of Yin and Yang -Yin is dark, negative, cold -yang is bright, positive, warm, -each with a seed of the other within The mythical beings Shen Nong and Hou Ji have in common They are the gods of agriculture. Di Jun had 10 sons with Xi He and twelve daughters with Chang Xi -10 sons are the 10 suns -12 daughters are 12 moons What creature is ordinarily thought of as being inside of the ten suns? - Black birds In Han dynasty carving why are Nu Wa and Fu Xi portrayed with intertwined serpent tails? -they created human beings and it is ancestor of human, that shows people they were mated. What are the strange circumstances concerning the birth of Great Yu? -he was born from died dragon’s belly. Where is the queen mother of the west’s palace located? -mountain of Kun Lun (also is place where yellow emperor live) What is mythical explanation for the fact that rivers in china tend to flow from northwest to southeast?
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-Nu Wa, Gong Gong bump into stone-pillar and destroy the link of heaven, Nu Wa try to fixed, and didn’t did it correctly. Why does Chang E change into a toad?
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review - Chinese Myth and Legend Review Euhumerization vs...

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