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Euhemerization VS. Reverse Euhemerization: Euhemerization-the process of a person that becomes, over time recognize as a god, such as Zens, Cronus. Reverse Euhemerization is a god over time become accepted as historical people such as Yellow Emperor and K’uei. The concepts of Yin and Yang: Yi is the dark and passive side earth/moon yang is the bright side sky/sun man and woman Yi is the broken line and yang is the solid line they complement each other in a circle The “Five Elements”: Wood - east, green, spring, azure/green dragon, Jupiter – Tai Hao (FuXi) Fire - south, red, summer, red bird, Mars – Fiery Emperor(Yan Di) Eart h -center, yellow, late summer, yellow dragon, Saturn – Yellow Emperor Metal -Venus, fall, white tiger, west – Metal emperor ( Shao Hao) Water -Tortoise & Snake “black worrior” Xuanwu, North, black, mercury, winter -Black Emperor (ZhuanXu) – fight with Gong Gong, destroy ladder connect which connect to heaven and earth. He assisted d by Xuan Ming- God of the water who holds a steelyard weight. Myths about Pan Gu: Pan Gu was born from an egg and after he was born, the egg broken and the Yang (clear part became heaven) and the Ying (the solid part became earth) are created. When the first born, Pan Gu, was about to die his body transformed. His breath becomes the wind, his voice became the thunders, his left eye became a sun, and his right eye became the moon, four limbs and five extremities-four direction and so on. Story about NuWa: She creates human beings by molding them out of mud, when she gets tired, she makes humans by dragging string through mud. Nu Wa creates humans by mating with her elder brother Nu Wa repaired heaven The major accomplishments of Yu ‘the Great”: He is a son of Gun( dragon) who was born from his dead fathers belly He controlled the world flood. Devine aid of self renewing soil Aided by drought deity Married a women from Tushan named Nujiao commander her to produce his son Qi Founder of ruler of the Xia dynasty Cast the Nine Cauldrons
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Kill Fang Feng, exiles Gong Gong
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review1 - Euhemerization VS. Reverse Euhemerization:...

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