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Memo 5 - Compound-complex o Two main clauses o At least on...

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Heading 1. Be sensitive to your audiences needs. Use you attitude Maintain appropriate etiquette Emphasize the positive Avoid bias language 2. Build a strong relationship with your audience Establish your credibility Project the companies image 3. Control your style and tone Conversational tone o Avoid obsolete and pompous language o Avoid preaching o Be careful of intimacy o Be careful with humor Use plain English Passive language o Diplomatic approach o Not assigning blame o To avoid personal pronouns Active language o Much stronger 4. Choosing strong words Functional words o Exact meanings Content words o Connotations o Denotations Abstract words o Conceptual Concrete words o Touch/physical 5. Use words that communicate
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Choose powerful words Use familiar words Avoid clichés Use jargon carefully 6. Create effective sentences Use a combination of: Simple sentences o One main clause Compound Sentence o Two main clauses Complex sentence o One main clause o One subordinate clause
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Unformatted text preview: Compound-complex o Two main clauses o At least on dependant clause 7. Use sentence style to emphasize key words Devote more words to important areas Put important words at beginning or end Make them the subject of the sentence 8. Crafting coherent paragraphs Elements of a paragraph o Topic sentence o Support sentences o Transitional sentences Ways to develop paragraphs logically o Illustration o Comparison or contrast o Cause and effect o Classification o Problem and solution 9. Using technology Email o Restrict to appropriate content o Avoid personal emails o Respect the chain of command o Pay attention to email hygiene o Use well strong language in subject Word o Use style sheets o Tmplates o Autocompletion o Autocorrection o File merge/ mail merge o Endnotes, footnotes, indexes, and table of contents o Wizards Conclusion...
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Memo 5 - Compound-complex o Two main clauses o At least on...

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