The staight sinus connects the with the supeior

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Unformatted text preview: ht sinus connects the ________ with the supeior longitudinal sinus a. cavernous sinus b. transverse sinus c. inferior longitudinal sinus d. sigmoid sinus 33. Which is not an elastic artery? a. brachiocephalic b. subclavian c. common carotid d. brachial 34. All facial bones articulate with the maxilla except the a. ethmoid b. sphenoid c. zygomatic d. mandible 5 35. Endarterectomy is a procedure a. scraping off plaques from the tunica adventitia of the common carotid b. commonly used in muscular arteries c. only used in coronary arteries d. used to scrape off plaques from the tunica intima in the common carotid arteries 36. Which is not correct regarding the triceps? a. inserts on the radial tuberosity b. powerful extensor of the forearm c. originates on the infraglenoid tubercle process of the scapula d. originates on the humerus 37. The pace maker is in the a. left atrium b. right atriu...
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