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Increased speed to the heart beat c the coronary

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Unformatted text preview: reased speed to the heart beat c. the coronary sinus with innervation d. parasympathetic input to the heart which slows the beat 13. The mastoid process is a projection behind the ear and connects to the a. nasal cavity b. middle ear c. posterior orbit d. maxillary sinus 2 14. Two muscles which close the jaw are the a. buccinator and temporalis b. masseter and zygomaticus c. temporalis and masseter d. oricularis oris and buccinator 15. The pericardial cavity is a. lined with mesothelial cells and filled with fluid b. contains platelets to prevent clotting c. is surrounded with cuboidal cell linings d. is continuous with the right atrium 16. Which is not a function of the external oblique? a. aids in breathing b. aids in defecating c. helps to support the floor of the pelvic cavity d. aids in child birth 17. Which combination is true? a. the auricle and the atrium are the same structure b. the f...
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