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Right atrium c coronary sinus d venous sinus 38 the

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Unformatted text preview: m c. coronary sinus d. venous sinus 38. The entire body is made of four (4) major kinds of tissues. Which one is not correct? a. nervous b. connective c. capillaries d. epithelial 39. During diastole which is correct? a. the AV valves are open b. the AV valves are closed c. the semilunar valves are open d. the mitral (bicuspid) valve is closed 40. The matrix of bone is called ________________ and is resilient because it has fibers. a. hydroxyapatite Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 b. hydorxyapatite c. osteoapatite d. hydroxyapatite Ca6(PO4)2(OH)10 41. Which of the following constitutes the linea alba? a. aponeurosis b. deep inguinal ring c. round ligament d. anterior iliac spine 6 42. Atherosclerosis a. begins in the tunica media b. in coronary arteries causes one third of the deaths in America c. never occurs at bifuractions of arteries d. cannot be reduced in coronary arteries with the procedure called angioplasty 43. Since the lat...
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