The foramen ovale was formerly the fossa ovale c the

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Unformatted text preview: oramen ovale was formerly the fossa ovale c. the pectinate muscles are the same as the trabeculae carneae d. the pulmonary trunk and the pulmonary arteries both carry venous blood 18. Which is correct? a. endocardium consists of two layers of endothelial cells b. endocardium is sometimes called visceral endocardium c. endocardium is continuous with epithelial cells in the blood vessels d. epicardium and endocardium are synonymous 19. Which does not apply to the frontalis muscle? a. connects to the galea aponeurotica b. raises the eyebrows c. has no bony attachment d. raises the eyelids 20. Which is not correct? a. the interanl carotid artery terminates in the middle cerebral artery b. the anterior cerebral artery supplies Broca's area c. the internal carotids supply 75% of the blood to the brain d. the vertebrals supply 25% of the blood to the brain 3 21. Which is not part of the appendicular skeleton? a. scap...
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