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Excerpted from: Valkyrie, K. T. (2006). Self-regulated learning: An examination of motivational, cognitive, resource management, metacognitive components and academic outcomes with open admissions community college. External Regulation Students are considered to be externally regulated when they defer to teachers, and other individuals, to set goals for them, to define academic success, and to provide structure and regulation in academic settings (Gredler & Garavalia, 2000). Dependence or over-reliance upon others is not facilitative as students may fail to understand the scope of their personal responsibility in academic environments. Without valuing self- management or realizing they need to take responsibility for their academic efforts, they may thwart their development of a wide-ranging repertoire of strategies and skills (Gredler & Garavalia, 2000). Research examining external regulation is limited. Representative studies involving a variety of student populations are now reviewed. Representative Studies. Vermunt’s (1998) extensive examination of open admissions (defined as distance learners, non-traditional university students) and regular admissions, Dutch university students’ mental learning models and learning orientations conducted over three studies ( N = 1512) suggests that regulation is a complex process influenced by students’ epistemologies. Rather than viewing regulation as an either-or proposition, Vermunt’s
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Jake_External Regulation Summary Pages - Excerpted from:...

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