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Heredity of Violent Tendencies 1 Gender Differences in the Impact of Family of Origin Violence on Perpetrators of Domestic Violence An assignment submitted to Dr. Karena T. Valkyrie In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Orientation to Psychological Studies PSY 2200 Submitted by Jake Dew Troy University March 24, 2007
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Heredity of Violent Tendencies 2 Literature Review The goal of this research was to attempt to understand better the relationship a history of violence has with violence in the present in men and women as well as the perpetrators feelings on the relationship. The study will focus on the feelings of fear, weakness, and powerlessness. Past research has suggested that witnessing violence as a child made lead to future abusive relationships. This research attempts to find a significant predictor of future violence of individuals who witnessed or were victims of childhood violence. This study also includes more females than previous research has contained in order to get a more well-rounded view of this phenomenon. Mixed results were found when searching for whether or not women from abusive homes in childhood grow up to be in abusive relationships when they are grown. Some studies have supported the statement that the abuse is more of a biological disorder as opposed to a socially learned behavior, though this does not seam plausible whereas only twenty percent of batterers are reported as being violent outside the home. The hypotheses suggest that batterers would have a high level of abuse in the family in which they were raised as well as that woman perpetrators would be more likely to be using violence as a form of self-defense and even have feelings of powerlessness as
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Jake_Hereditary Violence - Heredity of Violent Tendencies 1...

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