14155 pettigrew amy c and margaret o king 1993 a

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Unformatted text preview: ors and adapters. Psychological Reports 61, no. 2:411–16. Maupin, James R. 1993. Control, efficiency, and the street-level bureaucrat. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 3, no. 3:335–57. McGregor, Douglas. 1944. Conditions of effective leadership in the industrial organization. Journal of Consulting Psychology 8, no. 2:55–63. ———. 1960. The human side of enterprise. New York: McGraw-Hill. ———. 1961. New concepts of management. The Technology Review 63, no. 4:2– 4. Bobic and Davis A Kind Word for Theory X ———. 1967. The professional manager. New York: McGraw Hill. McNeilly, Kevin M., and Ronald E. Goldsmith. 1992. The moderating effect of sales managers’ approach to problem solving on the salesperson satisfaction/intention to leave relationship. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality 7, no. 1:139–50. Mihal, W. L., P. A. Sorce, and T. E. Comte. 1984. A process model of individual career decision-making. Academy of Management Review 9, no. 1:93–103. Mook, D. G. 1987. Motivation: The organization of action. New York: Norton. Moussavi, Farzad, and Donald L. Ashbaugh. 1995. Perceptual effects of participative, goal-oriented performance appraisal: A field study in public agencies. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 5:331– 44. Mulligan, Glenn, and William Martin. 1980. Adapters, innovators, and the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory. Psychological Reports 46, no. 3, pt. 1:883–92. Oswald, Andrew. 1999. Britain only 17 in new Job-Satisfaction League table. West Midlands, United Kingdom: University of Warwick Coventry. Pearson, Elaine M. 1994. A new look at Maslow’s humanism through radical and postmodern criticism. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Dissertation Services. ———. 1999. Humanism and individualism: Maslow and his critics. Adult Education Quarterly 50, no. 1:41–55. Pettigrew, Amy C., and Margaret O. King. 1993. A comparison between scores on Kirton’s inventory for nursing students and a general student population. Psychological Reports 73, no. 1:339– 45. Porat, Benjami...
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