1982 styles of creativity test score correlations

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Unformatted text preview: ovation Inventory. Perceptual and Motor Skills 66, no. 2:667–71. Bennis, Warren, Edgar H. Schein, and Caroline McGregor. 1966. Leadership and motivation: Essays of Douglas McGregor. Cambridge: The MIT Press. 259 260 Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory Bennis, Warren, Gary Heil, and Deborah Stephens. 2000. Douglas McGregor, revisited: Managing the human side of enterprise. New York: John Wiley. Berman, Evan M., and Jonathan P. West. 1995. TQM in American cities: Hypotheses regarding commitment and impact. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 5:213–30. Blai, Boris. 1964. An occupational study of job satisfaction and need satisfaction. The Journal of Experimental Education 32, no. 4:383–88. Bobic, Michael, Eric Davis, and Robert Cunningham. 1997. The Kirton Adaptation-Innovation Inventory: Validity issues, practical questions. Review of Public Personnel Administration 18 (spring):18–31. Buijs, Jan. 1998. Viewpoint: Towards a new Theory X. Creativity and Innovation Management 7, no. 1:17–22. Buss, A. R. 1979. Humanistic psychology as liberal ideology: The socio-historical roots of Maslow’s theory of self-actualization. Journal of Humanistic Psychology 193:43–55. Camp, Scott D. 1995. Assessing the effects of organizational commitment and job satisfaction on turnover: An event history approach. The Prison Journal 74, no. 3:279–305. Carne, G. C., and Michael J. Kirton. 1982. Styles of creativity: Test-score correlations between Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Psychological Reports 50, no. 1:31–36. Caruth, Don, and Robert M. Noe III. 1986. Motivate! In Motivation of personnel, edited by A. Dale Timpe. New York: Facts on File. Ciulla, Joanne B. 2000. The working life: The promise and betrayal of modern work. New York: Random House. Clapp, R. G., and S. M. De Ciantis. 1989. Adapters and innovators in large organizations: Does cognitive style characterize actual behavior of employees at work? An...
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