1991 reexions on creativity studia psychologica 33

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Unformatted text preview: performance improvement when examining various management methods: It is not a matter of management strategy, but of managing people—which was McGregor’s original point. We conclude with a comment on what all this might mean for the future of management. If people are different (some adaptive and others innovative) and personality is relatively invariant, then the management task becomes increasingly complex. (For a different look at this aspect of management, see Moussavi and Ashbaugh 1995.) It is more than simply training managers and instilling a sense of obligation: It becomes a matter of coordinating managers, team members, and tasks in a way that takes advantage of the individual abilities and team dynamics of one’s employees (Buijs 1998). The key is to understand which tasks require an adaptive approach and which require an innovative approach, to build work teams accordingly, and to select the most appropriate manager (Buijs 1998; Kirton 1989a). In other words, improving the work environment still requires one to pay attention to THSE and to find ways for managers and employees to capitalize on their strengths and rely on each other to overcome weaknesses. Such is the key to effective management. REFERENCES Aeppel, Timothy. 1997. Missing the boss: Not all workers find idea of empowerment as neat as it sounds. Wall Street Journal, 8 September, 1. Arbet, Ladislav. 1991. Reflexions on creativity. Studia-Psychologica 33, nos. 3– 4:175–80. Aron, Adrianne. 1977. Maslow’s other child. Journal of Humanistic Psychology 17:2. Bailyn, Bernard, David Davis, David Donald, John Thomas, Robert Wiebe, and Gordon Wood. 1981. The great republic: A history of the American people. Lexington, MA: Heath. Barrows, David, and Tom Wesson. 2000. A comparative analysis of job satisfaction among public and private sector professionals. The Innovation Journal. From Beene, J. Morris, and Paul F. Zelhart. 1988. Factor analysis of the Kirton Adaption-Inn...
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