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Unformatted text preview: Personality and Individual Differences 7, no. 3:401–7. Hansen, James T. 2000. Psychoanalysis and humanism: A review and critical examination of integrationist efforts with some proposed resolutions. Journal of Counseling and Development 78, no. 1:2130. Hart, Peter D., and Associates. 1998. Study #5184. Survey conducted for Shell Corporation, 17–20 July. Helmich, D. L., and W. B. Brown. 1972. Successor type and organizational change in the corporate enterprise. Administrative Science Quarterly 17, no. 3:1148–55. Heylighen, Francis. 1992. A cognitive-systematic reconstruction of Maslow’s theory of selfactualization. Behavioral Science 37, no. 1:39–58. Holland, Peter A. 1987. Adapters and innovators: Application of the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory to bank employees. Psychological Reports 60, no. 1:263–70. Horn, Laura J., and Lisa Zahn. 2001. From bachelor’s degree to work: Major field of study and employment outcomes of 1992-93 bachelor’s degree recipients who did not enroll in graduate education by 1997. Washington, D.C.: National Center for Education Statistics. Retrieved on May 21, 2003, from Isaksen, Scott G., and Gerard J. Puccio. 1988. Adaption-innovation and the Torrance tests of creative thinking: The level-style issue revisited. Psychological Reports 63, no. 2:659–70. Jacobson, Carolyn M. 1993. Cognitive styles of creativity: Relations of scores on the Kirton AdaptionInnovation Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator among managers in the U.S.A. Psychological Reports 72, no. 3, pt. 2:1131–38. Joniak, Andrew J., and Scott G. Isaksen. 1988. The Gregoric Style Delineator: Internal consistency and its relationship to Kirton’s adaptive-innovative distinction. Educational and Psychological Measurement 48, no. 4:1043– 49. Keller, Robert T., and Winford E. Holland. 1978. A cross-validation study of the Kirton AdaptionInnovation Inventory in three research and development or...
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