3d ed new york john wiley 2000 the maslow business

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Unformatted text preview: vernment’s venture capital funds. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 9, no. 4:641–66. Korth, Sharon J. 2000. Single and double-loop learning: Exploring potential influences of cognitive style. Organization Development Journal, 18, no. 3:87–98. Kubes, Marian. 1992. Cognitive style and interpersonal behaviour: The Kirton Adaption-Innovation and Schutz’s FIRO-B inventories. Psychology: A Journal of Human Behavior 29, no. 2:33–38. Lan, Zhiyong, and Hal G. Rainey. 1992. Goals, rules, and effectiveness in public, private, and hybrid organizations: More evidence on frequent assertions about differences. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 2, no. 1:5–28. Leidecker, Joel K., and James J. Hall. 1986. Motivation: Good theory—poor application. In Motivation of Personnel, edited by A. Dale Timpe. New York: Facts on File. Lethbridge, D. 1986. A Marxist theory of self-actualization. Journal of Humanistic Psychology 26, no. 2:84–103. Locke, Edwin A. 1982. Employee motivation: A discussion. Journal of Contemporary Business 11, no. 2:71–82. Maccoby, Michael. 1976. The gamesman: The new corporate leaders. New York: Simon and Schuster. Maddi, S. 1976. Personality theories: A comprehensive analysis. Homewood, IL: Dorsey Press. Manchester, William. 1974. The glory and the dream: A narrative history of America, 1932–1972. 2 vols. Boston: Little, Brown. Markus, Anton. 1992. Adaptation-Innovation cognitive style and problem coping. Studia-Psychologica 34, no. 1:85–92. Maslow, Abraham. 1968. Toward a psychology of being. 2d ed. New York: Van Nordstrand. ———. 1970. Motivation and personality. 2d ed. New York: Harper and Row. ———. 1998. Maslow on Maslow. New York: John Wiley. ———. 1999. Toward a psychology of being. 3d ed. New York: John Wiley. ———. 2000. The Maslow business reader. New York: John Wiley. Masten, William G., and A. Toy Caldwell-Colbert. 1987. Relationship of originality to Kirton’s scale for innovat...
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