4s127 41 schmidt stefanie r and shirley v svorny 1998

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Unformatted text preview: n. 1977. Guttman scale test for Maslow need hierarchy. Journal of Psychology 97:85–92. Prato-Previde, Guido. 1984. Adapters and innovators: The results of the Italian standardization of the KAI (Kirton Adaptation-Innovation Inventory). Ricerche-di-Psicologia 8, no. 4:81–134. ———. 1991. Italian adapters and innovators: Is cognitive style underlying culture? Personality and Individual Differences 12, no. 1:1–10. Prato-Previde, Guido, and Carli Massimo. 1987. Adaption-innovation typology and right-left hemispheric preferences. Personality and Individual Differences 8, no. 5:681–86. PRN News Service (PRN). 2001. U.S. workers continue to change jobs at an alarming pace in 2001. Survey completed for CareerBuilders, Retrieved on February 6, 2001, from Rabinow, P., and H. Dreyfuss. 1983. Michel Foucault, beyond structuralism and hermeneutics. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Robertson, E., Glenn P. Fournet, Paul Zelhart, and Robert Estes. 1988. A factor analysis of the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory using an alcoholic population. Perceptual and Motor Skills 66, no. 2:659–64. ———. 1989. Cognitive style and alcoholics: A comment on Richardson et al. response to Kirton. Perceptual and Motor Skills 69, no. 3, pt. 1:1037–38. Rosenfeld, Robert B., Michael Winger-Bearskin, Dorothy Marcic, and Charles L. Braun. 1993. Delineating entrepreneurs’ styles: Application of adaption-innovation subscales. Psychological Reports 72, no. 1:287–98. Rowan, John. 1998. Maslow amended. Journal of Humanistic Psychology 38, no. 1:81–93. ———. 1999. Ascent and descent in Maslow’s theory. Journal of Humanistic Psychology 39, no. 3:125–33. Salaman, Graeme. 1979. Work resistance and control. New York: Longman. Schmidt, Stefanie R. 1999. Long-run trends in workers’ beliefs about their own job security: Evidence from the General Social Survey, Journal of Labor Economics 17, no. 4:S127– 41. Schmidt, Stefanie R., and Shirley V. Svorny. 1998. Recent trends...
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