992129 1989b the kirton adaption innovation inventory

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Unformatted text preview: in job security and stability. Journal of Labor Research 194:647–68. Schott, R., and Abraham Maslow. 1992. Humanistic psychology and organization leadership: A Jungian perspective. Journal of Humanistic Psychology 32, no. 1:106–20. Schrage, Michael. 2000.The things about management that will never change. Across the Board 37, no. 7:67. 263 264 Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory Selby, Edwin C., Donald J. Treffinger, Scott G. Isaksen, and Stephen V. Powers. 1993. Use of the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory with middle-school students. Journal of Creative Behavior 27, no. 4:223–35. Shaw, R., and K. Colimore. 1988. Humanistic psychology as ideology: An analysis of Maslow’s contradictions, Journal of Humanistic Psychology 28, no. 3:51–74. Shostram, E. 1965. An inventory for the measurement of self-actualization, Educational and Psychological Measurement Issues 24:207–18. Singer, Ming S. 1990. Individual differences in adaption-innovation and the escalation of commitment paradigm. Journal of Social Psychology 130, no. 4:561–63. ———. 1992. Individual differences in adaption-innovation: A clarification. Journal of Social Psychology 132, no. 1:145– 46. Skinner, Nicholas F. 1989. Behavioral implications of adaption-innovation: I. Managerial effectiveness as a function of sex differences in adaption-innovation. Social Behavior and Personality 17, no. 1:51–55. Staw, Barry M., and Lisa D. Epstein. 2000. What bandwagons bring: Effects of popular management techniques on corporate performance, reputation, and CEO pay. Administrative Science Quarterly 45, no. 3:523–55. Strauss, George. 1968. Review of The professional manager, by Douglas McGregor. The Journal of Business 41: 121–22. Tausky, Curt. 1992. Work is desirable/loathsome: Marx v. Freud. Work and Occupation 19...
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